January 27th, 2015

National Words Matter Week takes place March 1st-7th.  Your message makes an impact.  Include it on the custom challenge coins you order from Challenge Coins Plus.  We offer double-sided coins to meet your needs.  That gives you twice the room to include the words that you’ve chosen to share with others.

A Memorable Gift Through and Through

Custom challenge coins are unique and memorable.  For decades, the items were used to commend a job well done.  Instill a sense of pride in the people you choose to give your coins to.  It can be your employees, students, volunteers, club members or athletes.  We’ll customize your coins to meet your needs.

Determine the Size, Shape, Image, and Text That is Right for You

Challenge coins are created in the size and shape you like best.  Including your logo, emblem or photograph on either or both sides of the coins is an option for you to consider.  Your choice of text completes the design.  Make your message count by custom selecting the size and type of font that best represents you.

Set Your Coins Apart from the Crowd

Custom edge options include Bezel Edge, Oblique Line Edge, Cross Cut Edge, and Rope Edge.  Each sets your coins apart from the crowd.  To see what your coins would look like with a decorative edge, visit www.challengecoinsplus.com/pricing.html.  You can also take a look at our online gallery for visuals.

Other options that exist to make your challenge coins unique and memorable include 3D molds, epoxy domes, sequential numbering on the coin face or edge, dual plating, and offset printed images.  Silk screens, cut outs, and antique metal plating in gold, silver, and copper are also options that you’ll want to consider.

Reach Out to Us with Your Request Today

Create custom challenge coins for National Words Matter Week.  Contact Challenge Coins Plus with your message and concept today.  We’ll pass your information on to our design team.  They’re the people responsible for creating the custom artwork that completes your design.

Reach out to us through the online submission form located on our website, by emailing info@challengecoinsplus.com, or calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  Hearing from you gives us the information that we need to create quality, custom challenge coins in your preferred size, shape, and metal plating.

Learn more about our free shipping option on all US orders by visiting our website or contacting us right away.  We’re committed to your satisfaction.  Learn more about the complimentary services we provide to all of our customers by submitting your inquiry to us.

January 26th, 2015

March is Credit Education Month.  How have you chosen to prepare for the occasion?  Are you offering a responsible credit course for college students?  Are you printing out brochures to hand out to customers who show interest in loans offered by your financial institution?

Whatever you have planned for the month, rest assured that Challenge Coins Plus has you covered where promotional gift items are concerned.  We create custom challenge coins in your choice of size, shape, and style.  Decorative edges, 3D emblems, and cut outs are among the extras that we offer.  Choose from our list of design elements and create a custom challenge coin that people enjoy sharing with others.

Here are some of the extras we’ve talked about:

  • Epoxy Domes
  • Sequential Numbering (Coin Face)
  • Sequential Numbering (Edge)
  • Dual Plating
  • Offset Printed Image
  • Silk Screen
  • Antique Gold
  • Antique Silver
  • Antique Copper

We offer the following packaging types to meet your needs and suit your preferences.  Choose from:

  • PVC Coin Envelopes (FREE)
  • Coin Capsules
  • Velvet Bags
  • Acrylic Coin Cases
  • Velvet Coin Cases
  • Plastic Stands

Let us know which packages interest you after visiting www.challengecoinsplus.com/pricing.html.  We’ll include the cost per case, bag, capsule or stand in the free price quote that we send to you via email.

Create custom challenge coin gifts that double as effective educational tools.  Teach people to use credit responsibility.  Offer a free workshop where custom coins are handed out to participants.  Include information on the coins that encourages customers to contact you with their future credit questions.  Something as simple as a phone number or email address works.

Send your information and questions to info@challengecoinsplus.com.  Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free to discuss your ideas with us.  We’ll explain the ordering process to you at that time.  Be sure to request a no obligation, free price quote.  It will arrive to your inbox with a digital file attachment of the artwork we created for your Credit Education Month challenge coins.

January 23rd, 2015

March is National Nutrition Month.  As a nutritionist, dietician or physician, you know just how important food is to good health.  Share your knowledge with others by hosting a class, workshop or convention.  Hand out custom challenge coins to the people in attendance.

Challenge coins are great motivational tools.  They’re used to educate as well as reward.  Give coins to your customers or clients as a way of thanking them for using your services.  Your gesture of good will impress everyone you come into contact with.

Create coins with the following extras:

  • Custom Edges
  • 3D Mold
  • Epoxy Dome
  • Sequential Numbering (Coin Face)
  • Sequential Numbering (Edge)
  • Dual Plating
  • Offset Printed Image
  • Silk Screen
  • Cut Outs
  • Antique Gold
  • Antique Silver
  • Antique Copper

Make custom challenge coins educational tools during National Nutrition Month.  Help others know what good nutrition looks like.  Contact Challenge Coins Plus for more information.  Rest assured that you are important to our business.  We answer your request by sending a no obligation, free price quote and digital file containing custom artwork to your inbox.

Look everything over to make sure it is as specified.  If you’re happy with the final product, give us your approval by paying for the order in full.  We’ll submit it to the production department for manufacturing.

Email your request to info@challengecoinsplus.com.  Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We provide free artwork and design services as well as free shipping to a US address.  Find out how you can make nutrition something that people think about day after day.

Take a look at our online gallery for inspiration.  You’ll see custom challenge coins in every size, shape, and style imaginable.  See which elements of design appeal to you.  Let us know so we can make your custom coins every bit as exceptional as the ones on our website.

January 22nd, 2015

Brewery tours introduce the public to the beer brewing process.  Free of charge and a big attraction for tourists in major cities, the daily events offer samples as well as other promotional items for the over 21 crowd.  Smaller brewers enjoy sharing their day with fellow beer enthusiasts.  They may offer tours infrequently but they’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure everyone is happy.

If you’re the owner of a brewery or the organizer of a brewery tour, create a gift that people can use.  Custom bottle opening challenge coins are novel, attractive, and functional.  They’re the perfect giveaway for brewery tours.  Hand one out to the 21 and over crowd for touring your facility and seeing how your beer is crafted.  Thank them for coming out and being a loyal customer of yours.  People don’t forget a kind gesture, especially when it’s one that they see and use often.

Has your brewery been establishment for some time?  How about adding antique metal plating to your challenge coin bottle openers?  It will give them a distinguished look.  Challenge coin extras help designs stand out.  Let a representative know what you’re interested in and we’ll be sure to pass on the information to our design team.

Create custom bottle opener challenge coins for your brewery tour.  Contact Challenge Coins Plus with your request for more information right away.  Our talented team of challenge coin artists are ready to start designing for you.  They’ll keep your needs in mind and even give you the opportunity to request revisions before approving the artwork.

Email your ideas to info@challengecoinsplus.com.  Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  It’s important that we hear from you right away so we can get started on your design and send your price quote and full color artwork file to you digitally.  Once you’ve receive a message from us, let us know what we can do to improve your design.  If you’re satisfied with the artwork as is, approve it and pay for your order in full.  This gives us permission to proceed with the ordering process with our production department.

January 21st, 2015

Volunteers add to the success of businesses, organizations, clubs, and schools worldwide.  Without committed people, many tasks are left undone.  There just isn’t enough time in the day for paid employees to tackle everything on their plate.  That’s what make volunteers so valuable.  They’re willing to help out wherever they are needed.

Honor the people who volunteer for you with a custom gift that’s unforgettable.  For decades, challenge coins have been used to honor good deeds, promote worthwhile organizations and events, and celebrate victories.  Host an awards ceremony for your volunteers and give each one of them an extra special gift this year.  We help by offering free artwork and design services meant to save you time.

Have a logo that people recognize?  Why not create specialty coins?  A custom shape is one of the many options available for you to choose from.  Details like this set your design apart from others in your community.  To see examples of specialty coins, visit www.challengecoinsplus.com/specialty-coins and take a look at our online gallery located at www.challengecoinsplus.com/gallery.html for inspiration.

Include presentation options with your order.  Choose coin capsules, velvet bags in red, blue or black, acrylic coin cases, velvet coin cases in red, blue or black or plastic stands.  PVC coin envelopes are free.  Give the recipients of your challenge coin gifts a safe place to keep and display their coins.

Promote volunteerism with your custom challenge coin design.  Help the charities and non-profits in your community thrive by encouraging people to get involved either in person or online.  Request a no obligation, free price quote from Challenge Coins Plus right away.  Reach us through the contact form located on our website, by emailing info@challengecoinsplus.com, or calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.

Volunteering is an excellent way to strengthen communities, boost self-esteem, and fulfill one’s life purpose.  It brings people closer together, accentuates the positive, and brings joy to adults and children.  Take advantage of our free artwork and design services.  Let’s discuss the options we offer by phone or email soon.

January 20th, 2015

Scuba diving schools offer instruction to people wanting to learn more about scuba diving.  If you own or teach at a commercial diving school, take the time to acknowledge your students with a thoughtful gift of a custom challenge coin.  We’d like to assist you with the designing and ordering processes.

Custom challenge coins are among the most personal gifts you can give a person.  For decades, the all metal items were used to honor exceptional efforts.  Extend feelings of gratitude to your students for choosing to work with you.  A challenge coin gift is never forgotten.

Create a custom challenge coin in the image of a scuba diver.  Determine what size, shape, and metal plating you like best.  If you need assistance in making a decision, let us know.  Our talented team of designers make suggestions based on your needs.  The novelty of your coin design will not be lost on your students.  They’ll love having a memento that represents their experience at your diving school.

Here are some additional ways to make your custom challenge coin attractive in appearance:

  • 3D Mold
  • Epoxy Dome
  • Sequential Numbering (Coin Face)
  • Sequential Numbering (Edge)
  • Dual Plating
  • Offset Printed Image
  • Silk Screen
  • Cut Outs
  • Antique Gold
  • Antique Silver
  • Antique Copper

To learn more about coin pricing, visit http://www.challengecoinsplus.com/pricing.html.

Request More Information from Us Today

Create custom challenge coins for your commercial diving school.  Contact Challenge Coins Plus with your request for a no obligation, free price quote.  We’ll send it to your inbox along with a digital file attachment of the artwork we created for you.

Look things over, approve your design, and pay for your order in full.  We’ll then proceed with the production process so you can have your coins in hand quickly.  If your address is in the US, we pay the cost of shipping your order to you.

Email your ideas, questions, and specifications to info@challengecoinsplus.com.  Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We’re here to make things easy for you.  Submit your inquiry right away so we can get started on the artwork needed to complete your design.

January 19th, 2015

Planning a successful season takes time.  There are practices to hold and players to evaluate.  There are teams to study and away games to prepare for.  One of the things that might have crossed your mind is how to create a buzz among players and fans.  You do that with the help of Challenge Coins Plus.

Celebrate Victories with Your Team

Challenge coins are highly-regarded gifts that people love.  Designed with durability in mind, they are custom created in a way that shows off how talented and ambitious your basketball players are.  Coins highlight victories and celebrate triumphs.  They encourage athletes to be the best that they can be and to take pride in their achievements on and off the court.

Personalize coins however you see fit.  Take into consideration how size and shape play a factor in the overall appearance of your gifts.  Look at our list of extras to see which options appeal to you.  Is it a decorative edge or sequential numbering?  How about cut outs or dual plating?

Think about how a 3D image of your mascot would look on coins.  Wow your players and fans with something personal and meaningful.  Present coins to them in an acrylic coin capsule or velvet box.  Our packaging is classy.  It’s a great place to store and display custom challenge coins for others to see.

Make This Year Memorable for All Your Players

Give your basketball players and fans something to celebrate.  Create a custom challenge coin gift in their honor today.  Have the items on hand to present to athletes and spectators at games and tournaments.  Contact Challenge Coins Plus with your request for custom challenge coins in your choice of size, shape, and decorative edge.

Not sure how to order from us?  Never fear!  The process is quick and easy.  Email your ideas to info@challengecoinsplus.com.  Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  A sales representative will answer your questions and provide you with the information needed to place an order for custom basketball challenge coins.

The cost of shipping your order to an US address is on us.  It’s our way of thanking you for using our services.  Let us know if you’d like your coins sent to your home, school or business.  It’s your choice as we want to make things as convenient as possible for you.

January 16th, 2015

Custom challenge coins are great for promotions.  As a radio station, you know how important events and contests are to your success.  Pique people’s interest in what you have to say and the type of music that you specialize in with custom challenge coins.  One coin design has many uses as listed below.

How Custom Challenge Coins Can Be Used

Here are some ideas as to how custom challenge coins can be used by your radio station this year:

  • At events where prizes are awarded.
  • As fundraisers for local communities.
  • As a way to introduce new DJs and radio personalities.
  • As thank you gifts for volunteer participation at events.

As you can see, there are plenty of uses for custom challenge coins.  We bet you’ll come up with a few of your own as time permits.  Share your stories with us.  We love hearing how you use your coins in your day-to-day operations.

We’re Waiting to Hear from You

Make custom challenge coins part of your radio station promotions this year.  Give listeners a gift they love.  Order plenty of coins in your choice of size, shape, and metal plating.  Stand out in the minds of the public and encourage them to tune in to your station each and every day.

Challenge Coins Plus works with you to create unique designs for each of your DJs and radio personalities.  Coins are used in place of business cards as a way to boost ratings and gain new listeners.  Who doesn’t enjoy a gift they can hold, display, and share with others?

Email your ideas and concept to info@challengecoinsplus.com.  Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We can’t wait to hear from you and to start the design process for your radio station challenge coins.  Get your request in to us right away and in return, we’ll send you a no obligation, free price quote for you to review and approve.

The sooner we get a thumbs up from you to proceed, the faster we’ll have your challenge coins shipped to you.    Remember, we provide free artwork, free design services, and free shipping to US addresses.  Focus on other aspects of the business while we work on your coins.  We want the design and ordering processes to be quick and easy for you.


January 15th, 2015

Soccer is an exciting sport that deserves recognition.  As local players take the field this year, do your part to fill stadiums.  Boost morale and ticket sales with custom challenge coins.  Few fundraisers are as well-received as our unique mementos.

No Two Customers are Alike, Therefore No Two Designs are Alike

We believe in individuality.  Show off your team’s skills and accomplishments with custom challenge coins.  Put important details about your school or recreation center on the front or back of the coins.  Include team colors and your mascot (if you have one) in the design.  Make your order of custom challenge coins different than the other teams in your city.

Challenge Coins are a Symbol of Excellence

Custom challenge coins are symbols of excellence.  Encourage young players to develop their skills by showing support for their team.  Ask others in your community to do the same.  Put it out there that you have custom challenge coins for sale at the games and tournaments you participate in.  Remind people to pick up a memento when they purchase popcorn, hot dogs, and drinks for their families.

Make your coins stand out by including the name and jersey number of each player in the design.  Silkscreens make it possible.  Let us know that it’s an option you’d like to explore.  Learn more about the different extras we offer by visiting http://www.challengecoinsplus.com/pricing.html#options.

Submit Your Request for Information and a Free Price Quote Today

Encourage your community to show support for local soccer teams.  Create a custom challenge coin to sell at games and tournaments.  Raise money for new equipment, transportation, and lodging.  Donate part of the profits to charity.  Get people involved with giving back.

Take a look around our online gallery.  You’ll see challenge coins in every size, shape, and metal plating style.  Decide which is best for your team and players.  Our team of designers make suggestions based on the artwork they create for your coins.

Contact a sales representative by emailing info@challengecoinsplus.com or calling 1-800-252-0904 toll-free.  We can’t wait to hear your awesome ideas.  Let’s turn a concept into something tangible.  Email or call us today to request a no obligation, free price quote.

January 14th, 2015

West Virginia has a lot to offer its visitors.  On the list is outdoor adventures like camping, hiking, cycling, and fishing as well as indoor activities like shopping, fine dining, concerts, and museums.  Scenic roads and byways offer breathtaking views of the state.  Travelers want to keep their cameras close to them to capture every moment of their trip to share with others.  West Virginia is indeed a beautiful place to spend time in.

As the owner of a souvenir shop, you know what it takes to create sales.  You offer the best WV merchandise available.  The variety of items you sell as souvenirs if key to your success.  That’s why you have several custom challenge coin styles on hand for tourists to choose from.  The attractive mementos are among your bestselling souvenirs and for good reason.

Custom challenge coins are loved by children and adults.  They’re durable and meant to be carried or displayed.  There’s a history behind challenge coins.  The items are among the most highly regarded gift items available.  When you receive a custom challenge coin as a gift, you know that you’re special.  Encourage visitors to pick up a coin or two for family members and friends.

Design Elements That Enhance the Appearance of Your Custom Gifts

Create custom challenge coins that include one or more of the following design elements:

  • Decorative Edges
  • 3D Mold
  • Epoxy Dome
  • Sequential Numbering (Coin Face)
  • Sequential Numbering (Edge)
  • Dual Plating
  • Offset Printed Images
  • Silkscreens
  • Cut Outs
  • Antique Gold
  • Antique Silver
  • Antique Copper

Keep in mind, we create specialty coins and bottle opener coins as well.  Specialty coins are cut-to-shape to resemble a logo or image.  To give you an example of what is meant by that, picture a custom challenge coin in the shape of the state of West Virginia.

Bottle opener coins are functional tools.  They contain a bottle opening mechanism inside of them.  Your customers can pop off the top of a frosty beverage easy with this novel style of coin.

Make Your West Virginia State Souvenirs Outstanding

Celebrate the wonderful state of West Virginia with custom challenge coins.  Contact Challenge Coins Plus with your request for a no obligation, free price quote.  Look for an email from us.  It contains a file attachment of artwork that our artists created for you.  It needs approval from you before we can submit it to the production company for manufacturing.

Submit your request to us today.  Email info@challengecoinsplus.com.  Call 1-800-252-0904 toll-free. We want to hear all of your amazing ideas for West Virginian challenge coins.  Stock your shelves with one of the hottest souvenirs available.  Let us serve your needs for custom challenge coins in your choice of sizes, shapes, and styles.