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Custom Challenge Coins for Cities and Municipalities

August 25, 2011 by lapelpinsplus

A growing trend among cities and municipalities is to order custom challenge coins. The coins are used for a multitude of purposes. Considered the ultimate educational tool, these items can be used to inform, announce, reward, motivate, and promote.

Some of the ways we help cities with their coins is as follows:

  • To help travel and tourism grow
  • To honor the achievements of prominent city worker/leaders
  • To educate the public about a certain cause
  • To highlight and upcoming event

These examples are just a few of the ways that custom coins can be used. In fact, if you think hard enough, you’ll be able to add a few other suggestions to our list. The reason why we say this is because custom challenge coins are very versatile.

The city of Key West needed a coin that immediately was recognizable. One of the most prominent places in Key West is the “Southern Most Point” buoy statue. Located on the water, tourists from all over the world have undoubtedly had a picture snapped in front of this monument. Having this landmark featured on the challenge coin makes it easily distinguishable by anyone familiar with Key West.

Another feature of the coin is the seal that is used on one of the sides. With the image of the conch clearly in the seal, it is no wonder that Key West’s’ inhabitants call themselves the “Conch Republic”. Custom challenge coins are personal and memorable. They are tied to an individual or city’s history and therefore considered the ultimate collector’s item. Whenever you live in a city or municipality, you want to remember all of its sights, people, and special events. Challenge coins are perfect reminders of everything there was to enjoy in your area of the country.

To continue the nautical theme that Key West evokes, we added a rope border to both sides of this one of a kind coin. Details like these help finish up the challenge coins making them even more visually appealing. A few of the different types of edges that we offer include bezel edge, oblique line edge, and cross cut edge. We also offer dual plating, 3D molds, custom cut outs, and sequential numbering as additional ways to make your challenge coins stand out.

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