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Create Custom Challenge Coins for World Vegan Day

October 11, 2012 by lapelpinsplus

November 1st is World Vegan Day. Celebrate this year with a unique and memorable gift to give. Contact Challenge Coins Plus with your ideas for a custom challenge coin promoting veganism. You can use the items at your World Vegan Day events.

Custom challenge coins are a real crowd pleaser. They’re the type of collectible people hold onto. You can present the coins in a velvet box or acrylic coin capsule. This gives people a place to store and display their coins in their homes or office. They’ll love sharing their experience at your World Vegan Day event with others.

If you’re a business or organization that promotes veganism, you’ll want to create a giveaway item with long lasting appeal. Custom challenge coins are just that. They can be created in a way to replace traditional paper business cards. You can include the name, phone number, email address, and website URL on the coins. This makes it easier for people to contact you at a future date.

Here are a few ways to make your coins stand out even more:

  • Add a decorative edge.
  • Have the coin dual plated.
  • Have the coins sequentially numbered.
  • Add a 3D image to your design.
  • Cut out areas of your design.

Order your custom challenge coins in time for World Vegan Day. Submit your design ideas to info@challengecoinsplus.com. You can also call us with your request. The number to dial is 1-800-252-0904 toll-free. We’ll answer your questions and get started on custom artwork for your World Vegan Day coins right away.

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