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Faith Based Challenge Coins

June 12, 2012 by lapelpinsplus

We live in world of many cultures and faiths. A common sight in most communities is the churches attended by the residents of those communities. As part of the faith assembly, church goers are asked to go out a spread the good news of their faith. Challenge coins can be a great method of spreading the word.

In my community for example, on Tuesday nights, members of the neighborhood church will go door to door and ask if they can be of any service to our neighbors. In offering the service they also make an effort to spread the good news to those that have not yet found their faith.  They typically hand out a flier or pamphlet with some information. Challenge coins would be a great item to use for this type of ministry.

The Eagle Peak Leadership challenge coins pictured here are simple in design but attractive and meaningful.  The text and image on the front of the coin help identify the program.  The back of the coin has a powerful message that reads, “Using the Bible to Impact Your Job.”  It doesn’t take much to understand what it is being conveyed through the coin.  Custom challenge coins are great for spreading the word to others throughout the world.  A beautiful challenge coin leaves a great impression on everyone that sees it.

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