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Norfolk Naval Shipyard Challenge Coins

January 5, 2012 by lapelpinsplus

The NAVAL security team in charge of protecting the Norfolk Naval Shipyard contacted us for a coin design.  The shipyard is one the biggest in America and therefore protection is of the upmost importance.  The security team wanted both their badge and the OPSEC logo on the coin. Our graphics team was able to create a coin that is unique to this security team and this team only.  That’s one of the most appealing things about custom coins.  They can be made in a way to reflect the groups, businesses, and organizations that they have come to represent.

The challenge coin that we created was rich in color and detail.  One side shows the team’s affiliation with the Navy.  The other side features a fierce looking dragon along with “OPSEC” and “Protecting Information”.  Details like these make it easy to know who the coins were created for and what they will be used to promote.  Incorporating a design on both sides of the coin allows teams to dually identify themselves.  It is something that many customers appreciate because they are able to select two images and sets of text to represent their event or special department.

Custom challenge coins can be handed out as a way to help boost morale.  Members of security teams feel valued when given a token of appreciation.  These small recognition items help Naval security officers feel important which leads to satisfactory results within the team.  Items like a challenge coin go a long way in recognizing the day-to-day sacrifices made by team members.

Presentation options like velvet boxes and acrylic coin cases add a level of professionalism to the awards.  They also make it easier to store and protect the coins from damage.  We offer a variety of presentation options to our challenge coin customers.  You can visit http://www.challengecoinsplus.com to see samples of them.

Whenever you’re ready to order your own challenge coins, call or email us.  The number to reach us at is 1-800-252-0904 and the email address is info@challengecoinsplus.com.  We can assist you with your request and create custom challenge coins that you and your team can be proud of.

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