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Packaging Options for Challenge Coins

January 16, 2012 by lapelpinsplus

Along with the designing and approval process of your challenge coins, another important aspect to consider is the packaging options for your coins.  Packaging can be as simple as a PVC envelope that nicely stores the coin and protects its finish, to a custom made velvet box that houses the coin in a very attractive manner for display and presentation purposes.

Your packaging options are as follows:

  • PVC Envelopes – A PVC envelope is a clear plastic pouch with a folding top. As the name implies the design is similar to a mailing envelope. It has a folding tab around the top that allows for the coin to be kept inside of the envelope without the risk of it sliding out. PVC envelopes are convenient and keep the coins protected from scratching when all the coins are inside a box or container together. The PVC envelope also allows for the both sides of the coin to be viewed without the need of removing the coin from the envelope.
  • Velvet bags – Velvet bags are becoming very popular. They are an appropriately sized velvet bag with a draw string top. They are great for handing out coins at events were many coins will be distributed.  Simply reach into the container and hand the recipient a small bag that can be easily be placed inside a pocket or purse. They are also very nice for events were the coin will be placed at a dinner seating. The bag can be sat next to the name card on the table at each person seating location.
  • Acrylic capsules – A coin capsule is a clear hard plastic piece that is meant to be a permanent housing for the coin. The capsule, once sealed shut, will always protect the coin from scratches, dings and other surface damaging possibilities. The capsule is practically the same size as the coin and allows for the coin to kept as a carried piece in a pocket, purse or wallet.
  • Velvet coin cases -The velvet coin case is the most attractive of all the display cases; it is much like the kind of velvet case that a ring or bracelet would be sold in. The velvet case is great for handing out at awards ceremonies to those persons receiving the top awards. It allows the coin they receive to stand out from those handed out for lesser accomplishments. A velvet case and coin will proudly be displayed on the desk or mantle of any person it is awarded to.

Visit http://www.challengecoinsplus.com today to see the different types of challenge coins we offer and pictures of the presentation options mentioned here.  Make sure to tell your sales representative about the velvet boxes or acrylic coin cases you want to order when submitting payment and finalizing your challenge coin design.  Call 1-800-252-0904 or email info@challengecoinsplus.com with any questions you have.

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