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Pet Show Challenge Coins

March 27, 2012 by lapelpinsplus

Most families in the United States have a pet or two at home. These pets are seen and recognized as equal members of family. They are cared for by doctors and treated to haircuts just like any child or grown up in the family.

When it comes to haircuts, our pet’s fur isn’t just trimmed.  It is groomed to fit the certain breed standards that apply to that pet’s appearance. In turn there are many grooming shows throughout the country that display groomer’s talents and many shows have been using challenge coins as part of the giveaway to its participants and guest.

The All American Grooming Show had us create a challenge coin to celebrate the 40th anniversary of it show. The front of the challenge coin proudly displays the shows logo for this year which is a clever take on the statue of liberty with a dog in place of the women.  The back of the coin has a message from the show’s promoters thanking its participants and attendees.

The coin shown here is the perfect example of what happens when a customer is given creative license over his or her design.  In addition to branding the pet show, the challenge coin also serves as a small but meaningful gift for participants.  Everyone walks away from the event feeling like they got something from it.  Groomers get to show off their skills and pet owners learn more about the different businesses being represented at the show.

Custom challenge coins can be created in different sizes and shapes depending on the artwork that is included on them.  They can also have 3D images or cut outs on them.  This helps accentuate different areas of the coins and makes them realistic and visually appealing.

Here are a few ideas for your pet show challenge coins:

  • Choose a decorative edge for your design.
  • Have your coins sequentially numbered.
  • Can’t choose between gold or silver.  Have them both by electing to have your coins dual plated.
  • Add a bottle opener mechanism to your challenge coins.

Create custom challenge coins for your special show or convention.  Visit http://www.challengecoinsplus.com today.  In addition to free design services and artwork, we provide all of our customers with a no obligation, free price quote and full color digital proof.  Email info@challengecoinsplus.com or call 1-800-252-0904 today to speak to a representative.  We can answer any questions you have and listen to your suggestions for your order of pet show challenge coins.

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