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Leathernecks Motorcycle Club Coins Made for Biker Ball

Wednesday, September 21st, 2011

The Leathernecks Motorcycle Club Intl., Inc. is a civilian organization made up of members of the United States Marine Corps. It is not affiliated with any other club or organization. Members are Marine Corps and Fleet Marine Force U.S. Navy Veterans, Active Duty Marines and FMF Corpsmen.  The group is nonpolitical. Nor does it focus on class, nationality, race, or sect.  Members act in good faith with other members, and uphold the traditions of the United States Marine Corps.

The Leathernecks’ Mission is Clear

According to the club’s website, their group is “A proud and distinct organization of active-duty and former Marines and FMF Corpsmen that stands apart from, yet not against, other motorcycle clubs. Just as the United States Marine Corps supports God, Country and Marine Corps Brotherhood, so too, does the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club support God, Country and Marine Corps Brotherhood. Just as the United States Marine Corps stands ready to defend our country and allies against tyranny, so too, does the Leathernecks Motorcycle Club Intl., Inc. stand ready to defend itself against tyranny of any kind.”

A Thoughtful Gift with Lots of Meaning

The challenge coin we created for the club will be used at the biker ball.  Honorable and sentimental, coins have been used for decades to rewards soldiers and the efforts that they make on a day-to-day basis in their personal and professional lives.  Placed in a velvet box or acrylic coin capsule, the keepsakes are a perfect addition to your awards ceremony or banquet.  They are professional, meaningful, and attractive.

Using Color and Decorative Edges to Make Coins Stand Out

Traditional Marine red is used to tie Marine Corps to the motorcycle club.  Many groups originate from the military branches that the riders are from.  This shared brotherhood unites the members further and gives the groups a sense of purpose based on the values that were established while they were serving their country.  A rope edge, like the one pictured here, helps give the challenge coin distinction and gives the members a memento that is attractive and valuable.

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