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Plating Color Options for Your Custom Challenge Coin Design

Wednesday, January 4th, 2012

If you don’t know much about custom challenge coins, you may ask how you can make yours unique enough to accomplish everything that you set forth to do this year. For example, if you want your coins to award specific accomplishments throughout your business or organization, you’ll want them to look different enough that others notice. One of the ways you can do just that is through different plating options.

High polished gold, silver, and copper are a few of the choices you have when it comes to creating custom challenge coins. We also can use antique gold, silver, and copper to plate your recognition awards. Black nickel and high polished nickel are two more options that you have that can set your challenge coins apart within your business or organization. Employees that are honored for their accomplishments perform better, stay with a company longer, and inspire other workers and volunteers to be their best. Competitors at different events also love the challenge of taking home the grand prize.

Many times the challenge coin design itself will determine what plating color is best suited for the custom challenge coin. However, you can take the same design and plate it different ways in order to create more options with one coin. This allows you to get the best value and also gives you the opportunity to acknowledge more than one set of people. For example, we created a coin for a military poker tournament that is being created in four different plating colors. Three of the plating colors will signify the recipient’s placement in the tournament and the fourth will be used as a souvenir of the tournament.

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