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Washington, DC Challenge Coins Show the City’s Rich Culture and History

Friday, March 16th, 2012

Washington, D.C. is a city rich with culture and history. People from all around the world visit the capital of the United States because they want to view the Washington Monument, the White House, and Reflection Pond. Because the city has so much to offer individuals and families, many businesses, landmarks, and museums create Washington DC challenge coins to sell. These souvenirs are highly detailed and sought-after because they make the perfect gift to bring home to family members and friends.

Custom DC challenge coins differ in size, shape, and plating styles. They are designed to reflect the diversity of the city, its people, and attractions. If you and your family are planning a visit to this amazing city this summer, you’ll want to start collecting custom challenge coins.

Here are a few reasons why they make the ultimate souvenir:

  • Washington, DC challenge coins remind you of the places you have visited and the festivals and conferences you have attended.
  • DC coins are easy to transport from one location to the next.
  • Challenge coins from DC are made from durable materials and crafted with care.
  • Custom coins from the nation’s capital store easily making them perfect to display in your home or office.

DC challenge coins are fun to collect. Each visit you make to the city can be an opportunity to scout out new coins. Whenever you go to a new landmark, play or festival, make sure you pick up a challenge coin. This will allow you to add to your collection quickly.

As you can see, collecting Washington DC challenge coins is a fun pastime. Get started on your collection the next time you’re visiting the nation’s capital. You’ll be amazed at how addictive it is to look for, purchase, and collect custom coins.